Ark has  the most evolutionary range of Showers in its product portfolio in all materials like Brass, ABS & Stainless Steel. From basic Showers and Hand showers, to Rain showers, multi-function showers and various shower connections & shower accessories, we carry a vast portfolio. Drizzle products are very affordable and high on Quality. 

ARK ‘s DRIZZLE shower collection are customer’s personalized weather clouds; ready to provide rain at the user’s convenience. Crystal Sanitary’s showers combine the cutting-edge innovation, features and styling of the Dollar or Euro driven West, at prices that are more suited to the Rupee paying Indian. DRIZZLE SHOWERS- Your personal rain clouds; a drizzle is what you want, when you need to be refreshed. 

Each ARK shower is crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring that it delivers an exceptional showering experience every time. Drizzle showers have various spray patterns like rain, massage, mist, bubble, soft & x-spont. 

ARK showers are ideal for modern & contemporary bathrooms. The Drizzle Shower collection from ARK Bath Fittings are perfect for home owners & designers who appreciate quality, style & performance. 

ARK showers are offered in variety of shapes to fit in different bathroom style preferences like Square, Rectangular, Oval, Cylindrical, Conical, Circular, Straight or Curved. 


ARK’s shower head may be fed cold or premixed water from a concealed valve, divertor or a wall mixer. Our shower is designed in such a manner that they perform in low pressure areas also. Our shower spray pattern is perfectly streamlined; the shower sprays do not intersect with each other. 


ARK Slimline shower heads are sleek and modern in appearance made of High quality stainless steel for durability & resistance to rust & corrosion. These shower heads typically feature a thin profile (5mm) and a minimalist design with mainy rain shower spray pattern. These are easy to clean water lime scaling due to the detachable spray nozzles. The brass ball & socket joint helps adjust angle of the shower head. 


Rain showers heads are typically larger in size than traditional shower heads. Rain showers have a flat, wide surface area that disperses water over a large area. This gentle, consistent water fall can be highly relaxing for the user. When selecting a rain shower it is very important to consider factors such as water pressure, water flow rate and installation, water supply & drainage and water heating requirements. 


ARK body jets are small shower heads that are typically installed in the wall of a Bathroom shower area to provide a targeted massaging spray of water on the body. This concept is designed to provide a spa-like experience in the comfort of ones Bathroom. Very popular in hotels, gyms & spas with a great alternative to a Shower Panel. ARK Body jets come in different spray patterns and have adjustable heads to adjust the water flow angle to target specific area of the body. Many factors like Divertor, Drainage, Pipeline Installation, Water Pressure & Heating need to be considered before finalising a body jet concept. 


Hand Showers are designed to provide a versatile and flexible showering experience. They can be easily detached from their mount and held in hand, allowing for a greater control over the direction and flow of water. Hand showers can also be very handy to bathe pets, cleaning nearby area & other tasks. ARK also provides the flexible pipe attached to the Hand Shower and also the its mount. 


ARK Slide rails allow to mount the hand shower and adjust its height so that it may be used as a Shower Head. Slide Rails consists of a vertical rail that is mounted on the wall with a sliding bracket that holds the Hand Shower. Some models have adjustable brackets which may be tilted for a customized shower experience. 


ARK shower support connections include Brass, PVC, Copper connection varying in length from 150mm to 2000mm.They connect the faucet mixer to the Shower, Geyser to the Angle valve or Mixer outlet to the Hand Shower. Bathroom connections are an essential part of the Bathroom & quality, reliability and safety which is provided in ARK connections is a must. 


ARK Shower Accessories include Shower Arms, Elbows, Crutches &  Brackets which connect the faucet to the shower or Hold the Shower.