About us

We at Ark perceive ourselves to be co-workers with Water, building a collaboration of our labour of love with this eternal element bringing back the promise of abundance to the Indian User. That with this Aqueous Alliance, we have somewhere and in some sense, won a niche place in our customers' hearts through our over six decades of passion, bears testimony to our mission. 

We strive to provide to our customers, faucets that deliver water, in forms that delight our users, through suitable location based designs and durable performance. All this while we remain conscious of our duty, as corporate citizens of the planet, conserving the same abundance of the aforesaid element, for generations of the future, by building in implements that can control/ regulate water discharge, i.e saving water on one hand while increasing discharge/ flow rate where needed. Product reliability, time tested perseverance of Quality and commitment to service even beyond warranty years has been Ark's forte since the very beginning. 

At Ark Rubinetterie, we promise you a feeling of magical awe, when water coursing through the finely machined cavities of our faucets and showers, wets you in a tranquil delight. It is our endeavour here, to provide our Indian customers a slew of top of the class ranges of faucets and showers, that combine European style and grandeur, yet maintain a tough Indian core, a confluence of the two worlds manifesting inimitable sanitary fittings, showers, flushing systems, bathing equipment, bath accessories and sanitary essentials, that can thrive in Indian conditions of varying water pressure and salinity. 

Ark... We work with Water
Excellence on Tap, since 1968