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Ark Premium Faucets

The needs of the Modern Indian Bathroom Taps user have evolved from basic water deliverance to quicker operational ease and to make style statements. Customers have begun to identify and ask for more variety in the styles of bathrooms. As the nature of the need changed from utility to character-driven, we produced Ark Premium ranges – Sparta, Vulcan, Venus, Opera, Qube, Era Queen, Garnet, Hazel, and Beryl- Each of these ranges has products that are homogeneous in theme, for example in the shape of the spout and the geometric contours apart from the operating knobs, that were similar in Ark Prudence  Water Taps too.

Product Categories

Bib Tap

The Bib Tap is installed on the wall. The brass body can be used in the bath, WC, as an outdoor or garden tap to regulate water flow. The 1/2-inch male thread on the bib tap makes it simple to attach to a wall-mounted fixture connected to a water pipe. The rear of the Bib Tap features a Flange to hide tile or wall cracks. Long, short, two-way, hose, or washing machine bib taps are available. A long Body is chosen in the Bathing area because its length makes bucket filling easier.

Pillar Tap

They are positioned on a basin or a counter and include separate hot and cold water taps. Pillar taps often include a lever or a circular handle mechanism that allows you to switch the water supply on and off. These taps come in a variety of shapes and patterns. The Pillar spout can be fixed or swivelled. Tap Design is determined by the range theme into which the tap falls.

Sink Tap

Kitchen sink taps are undoubtedly the most used kitchen equipment.  Sink Faucet is for washing dishes and hands and storing water. It is vital that they are reliable, easy to maintain and drip-free. Kitchen sink taps come in a huge variety of styles to suit both modern and traditional homes. The contemporary spout of the Sink Tap may be Flexible Silicon type or Dual Flow.

Concealed Stop Valve

Concealed Valves are used to cut off or regulate hot and cold water supply to the shower, mixer, Jet or Hand Spray in the concealed plumbing lines. ARK Concealed valves are highly dependable due to the stringent Quality checks they undergo. Available in ½”, ¾” and 1” thread sizes.

Angle Stop Valve

An angle valve is a valve that is commonly used in residential plumbing and is located when a pipe changes directions at a right angle. It also functions as a shut valve to maintain the tool to which it is attached. Angle stops are the little valves under the Wash Basin used to turn off the water to the faucet. Angle Valves can be one-way or two-way.

Basin One Hole Mixer

Basin Taps control the basin water flow in modern bathrooms. They require a single tap hole and a single spout from which hot and cold water are supplied, as the name implies. The  Wash Basin Mixer may be Spindle Type with two knobs or Single Lever Cartridge type with one Control system. Basin Mixers should be used in combination with specialised aerators to save water.

Wall Mixer

Bathroom Mixer Taps are a single unit mounted on the wall, with a common spout connected to the hot and cold water providing knobs, allowing water to be drawn from both the hot and cold sources and combined into a single flow, which then emerges from a single spout. Other Types of  Mixer Taps may be 2-in-1 or 3-in-1, as the name suggests, the number of outlets, in addition to the spout, increases to serve the Overhead or Hand Shower.

Single Lever Diverter

Single Lever Diverter, or Concealed Diverter, is a compact, space-saving diverter. A diverter has a single handle that controls all of its functions. On the other hand, a wall mixer blends hot and cold water to achieve the appropriate water temperature and has separate knobs for both. Furthermore, a little knob on top of the main Lever controls the direction of the combined water flow. Normal and High-Flow internal cartridges are available.


The spout is the first component of the faucet that most people see; it's the portion that carries water from the Divertor to the Bucket of Bath Tub and can be designed to fit the theme of the other faucets. For hand shower attachment, the spout can be plain or tip-ton.

Bib Tap Hose Connection

The female hose connectors are attached at the outlet of Bib Tap for connecting to the garden hose (hence the name hose end connectors). After connecting to a PVC hose, these taps may further be attached to watering accessories such as spray nozzles and lawn sprinklers.

Bib Tap Washing Machine

Washing machine taps link home appliance hoses to a water supply and can be used to provide water to appliances such as washing machines, freezers, and dishwashers. The specialised nozzle provides a secure grasp on the appliance hose.

Sink Mixer

Sink Mixers are installed in kitchens. These Kitchen Faucets are tapped where you have one or two handles that control both hot and cold water and are mixed together and come out from one single spout. The Spout may be of any material, shape or Function. The selection of the model will depend on the Kitchen Tap Design.