Opulence Collection


Aspiration is the seed of evolution. Goals to strive for drive the human soul to go where it had hesitated to go before. Healthy aspirations are set in an infrastructure of positive incremental steps that transports the soul to the desired outcomes.

An individual with Positive aspiration works at the Cutting Edge of human civilisation and knowledge, imagining and creating the future; an artist who stands at the threshold of eternal time and space, manifesting a path forward with vivid, capable strokes of his brush, perceiving and deciphering, the future before it arrives.

Opulence products from Crystal are expressions of dreams, realised in the futuristic marketplace of Europe, brought to the Indian customer who doesn’t settle for anything less than the best. For such a customer, Orchid is a window that makes tomorrow’s sanitary products available today.

Products made from opulence include water delivery systems constructed from pure and supplied raw materials, creating routes that provide little resistance to water flow, maintaining the stream’s kinetic energy, and discharging ordered laminar, aerated, non-turbulent discharge in gushes. Bossini, the market leader in showers, offers many showering accessories to satisfy even the most discerning connoisseur, including body jets, flexible hoses, slide rails, shower columns, and health faucets. Its showpiece, though, is its collection of Rain Showers, which come in various sizes and include LED lighting, music, aroma, digital controls, and much more. Palazzani presents to the Indian market unrivalled Italian Single Levers with European cartridges and German aerators, resulting in delightfully simple water delivery.

Try an Orchid product today and have a cool, refreshing splash of Europe at home.


Body jets have transformed bathing across the world. When water jets may impact directly at specific areas on the body where dirt and germs like to hide, a bath becomes more forceful. Bossini’s gentle and relaxing sprays, such as massage and mist, increase the joy of bathing. Bossini body jets are available in the cube, round, and oval designs, with many of them offering many spray options.


Health faucets are required for ablution in the modern water closet/ lavatory. Health faucets are convenient for the user and assist in keeping the washroom clean. Bossini Health Faucets are available in a range of forms and finishes. They are more durable and easy to maintain and provide trouble-free functioning for significantly longer periods than modern Indian-made Health Faucets. Bossini has created Mixer Health Faucets that give users the choice of warm water in the winter. Bossini has also created a new shutting-off option available at the bracket section of the Health tap itself, guaranteeing that spraying mechanisms are quicker to start and easy to shut off.


WaterFall Spouts are another new bathing pleasure required for trendy bathrooms. Waterfall spouts are commonly installed in two methods, the most frequent being as tub fillers. Because of their higher discharge capacity, these spouts can prepare the tub for bathing in half the time of a standard wall mixer spout. When installed on the wall as a Showering alternative, waterfall spouts are also a lovely Showering choice. A waterfall shower bath is a drencher, calming, and quite a joy due to the enormous flow. With Bossini’s Health Faucet spouts, you can create your own home in Niagara.


Bossini has reinvented the Shower Bath worldwide with its incredible ideas and skills. On one level, it has simplified shower cleaning by covering the apertures with elastic and malleable rubber casings on each hole.  The very process of the spray tends to knock off previously embedded salinity from these apertures. The user can further cleanse saline deposits by gently rubbing these coverings whilst bathing. At another level, Bossini has made their Showers lighter and safer by judiciously using high-grade designer plastic and rubber. In comparison to a current Indian shower, Bossini's Showers are lighter, more durable, and more attractive, increasing the user's bath's modernity. Third, Bossini has included numerous sprays in many of their Showers to please customers. Some typical sprays are Mist, Massage, Rain, Nebulising, Bubbly, Cascade, Concentrated, etc. It’s easy to alternate between these sprays while bathing, even if one’s hands are soapy, because of levers or smooth threaded mechanisms. Bossini Showers – forever in a quest to delight.


Rain Showers from Bossini have caused the globe to sit up and take note of Overhead Showers in a new way. Hitherto, showers were considered mundane and run-of-the-mill, compared to faucets, which have seen the most technological advancements in sanitary fittings. But with the advent of Rain Showers on the one hand, together with innovations concerning the mechanism that made it possible for a variety of sprays to be housed together in the Shower body, showering as a domain for a refreshing, rejuvenating bath has seen remarkable progress in a relatively short period. Rain Showers have two major distinctions from ordinary overhead Showers; they are bigger, and secondly, their spray bears as close a resemblance as Natural Rain. Extremely large rain Showers are grouped in a separate category called Dream Showers, with Rain Showers being midway between Dream Showers and ordinary Overhead Showers.


While Rain Showers pioneered a previously uncharted road towards a more delightful showering experience, the actual blaze of glory for the Showering experience occurred with the marriage of lighting with showering. As the size of the showers became larger, it became possible to fit previously unimagined delightful features into the bathing ritual. Lumiere trendy showers have covers encompassing the foreground of the shower, creating the impression of a beautiful luminescent appliance installed to illuminate the bath area in an array of designer patterns; on closer look, one is astounded to discover that one could bathe underneath them too, and luxuriously so. On the other hand, Aquavolo and York’s showers combine the showering experience with a variety of spray options, with the Water Fall bath serving as the showpiece while simultaneously providing supplemental elements like fragrance, music and lighting to heighten the ambience and indulgence of the Shower bath.


Dream Showers are the ultimate luxury vehicle of the Shower bath. To undergo the Dream Shower bath, one experiences the same quantum leap in luxurious inundation as one would come across while graduating to a Rolls Royce from an ordinary sedan. Like all luxury assets, Dream Showers are constructed from the basic seed of magnanimity. Their size borders on the colossal compared to the ordinary OHS that would seem a midget in contrast. Thus the bather, quite remarkably, would get pleasantly drenched almost as soon as he stands under the Dream Shower. Like the Designer Showers, Bossini Dream Showers too have features like Aromatherapy (fragrance), Chromotherapy (play between different hues and colours of light, with therapeutic Aura cleansing effects as well) and Music therapy for the bathers with an ear for melody and tunes. Owning a Bossini Dream Shower is like having one’s own Rain Cloud, delightfully with several bonus effects.


Cirrus offers Indian customers myriad options for a delectable showering experience. The cutting edge Air-drop showers feature a technology that mixes air with water, leading to gentler, happier showering. Cirrus LED Rain showers take the shower bath experience to a new level. One couldn’t imagine a more tranquil, refreshing bathing milieu achieved through the symbiosis of shimmering light rays with gentle, transcendental rain. Incredibly, in many of our Cirrus showers, the source of the LED light is the flowing water itself that runs unnoticeably, a mini-turbine located within the hub of the shower. Cirrus Rainbow & Chromotherapy Showers further enhance one’s mood or Aura by weaving an interplay of colours that emanate from the LED lights.

Cirrus also has a stunningly designed Bluetooth shower that can play our favourite songs while we are enjoying the shower. Unlike rechargeable or electric speakers, the Cirrus Bluetooth speaker is also turbine charged, thus eliminating any need to either change batteries or remove the speaker from the shower for charging.

Cirrus – Delightful showering for the Modern Indian.


Modern times have seen a paradigm shift in the idea of and need for the bathing experience. Bathing is not just for cleaning; it is also a chance to unwind, revive, and refresh oneself before or after a long day. A selection of bathroom accessories from Amazon allows users to get more from their baths and refresh. Steam rooms, Whirlpool Jacuzzis, Steam Generators, Shower Panels, Shower Enclosures, Mirrors and Bath Vanities are available in this ever-evolving category. Many products come with remote controls enabling the user to set the bath for custom use.


Due to demanding and sophisticated clients who now link bathing with relaxation, renewal, and hygiene, modern bathing equipment is getting increasingly complicated and multi-featured. The plumbing infrastructure has not kept up with the demands of water discharge and pressure needed by these items to enable them to supply the water delivery that would give the proclaimed renewal as products have grown more complicated. One cannot just construct higher homes to enhance water outflow. The ground-breaking technology made possible by pressure booster systems made complicated bathing experiences a reality. Boosters are automatic start and stop devices and are available in various forms, from catering to 1 or 2 bathrooms to having the power to manage pressurised discharge for up to 30 or more. Additionally, we provide water level controllers for managing the water level in storage tanks.


Maintaining hygiene by limiting the spread of germs and water conservation is one of the most significant demands in public toilets. This has been made possible by sensor-based faucets, urinals, and flushing systems, which allow for touchless operation. For sensor-based operations, we have a variety of pillar and bib designs. DC and AC-DC combinations are offered for taps, urinals, and flushers. Other goods in this portfolio include hand dryers, air fresheners, soap, tissue, and hair dryers.