Customer Care

For us at Crystal, customer satisfaction is a goal that keeps us on our toes and moving. We are committed as a water deliverance solutions company to solve through improvement, guidance, education and counseling, all problems of a customer at minimum of his effort and cost. 


The performance of sanitary fittings is dependent on, apart from the quality of the fittings, the type of plumbing done, the nature of impurities present in water and the water pressure. Generally fittings are designed in a manner that makes it possible for them to function even in the face of increased pressures, that are generally observed in normal households. However their performance takes a beating when pressure is far below optimum. Similarly in the presence of a large number of dissolved substances in water,  the life of the inner parts of fittings gets substantially reduced due to the chemical reactions and frictional forces that come into play. In view of the wide spread occurrence of these two problems in India, namely of inadequate pressure and hard water (i.e water with lots of dissolved deposits), the service of fittings becomes important and necessary. Fittings that are negligently used or face hostile conditions of usage, also break down with greater frequency and require more than normal servicing.
ARK has a team of service technicians who are placed 'locally' in various parts of the country. Their role is in helping customers by servicing fittings in case of break downs. However the idea behind 'localized' placement of technicians is basically to help in the optimum performance of fittings by urging customers to go for pre-emptive (breakdown) service. By taking AMCs at very affordable rates, customers can ensure that their fittings remain both beautiful and in top performing condition year after year. Globally it has been understood that in cases where customers maintain an annual schedule of service and maintenance for their fittings, performance of fittings which are based on mechanised systems, is generally uninterrupted and flawless.