ARK Green Bouquet


After air, water is the most important life sustaining element on Earth. The generous nature of water, however, also allows it to be an ideal medium for germs and bacteria to travel, transfer and multiply. Ark first offered auto closing taps in this category. These taps not only save on water but also give us freedom from closing the tap and thus we avoid contact after washing our hands, with the knob or handle that might be a carrier of germs. Auto taps are a must for public use, as they are easy on the budget too. The only issue with an auto tap is that it requires manual pushing of the knob at least once. Ark has other healthy models too that are essential for laboratories or hospitals. Elbow operated taps and mixers are a popular choice with pharmacists and doctors. Laboratory researchers and technicians appreciate our foot operated taps, all of which prevent germ and bacterial transference. Aerators are fitted at outlets of faucets which slow down water flow incrementally in various options of air mixing, drizzle, laminar or segregated streams. Pressure reducing washers bring down water flow to the desired level to avoid damage of delicate water implements like health faucets, washing machines or water purifier systems. ARK also manufactures high quality polymid & SS pipes for feeding washbasin faucets.

Our entire Green Bouquet is perfect for Green Buildings.


Ark manufactures a range of timer taps that are designed to save water in commercial wash areas. These taps are available in a variety of options, including pillar, bib, wrist, arm, knee tall pillar, and are designed to auto-close within 7-10 seconds of being activated. In addition, some of the taps come with a spout and connection pipe.

Timer taps are an excellent way to conserve water in areas where there is a high volume of usage, such as in commercial washrooms or public restrooms. By automatically shutting off after a set amount of time, timer taps can help to prevent wastage and reduce water bills. If you are interested in purchasing one of these timer taps from Ark, you may want to contact the company directly or visit their website to learn more about their products and pricing and we will refer you to our authorized outlet in your area.


ARK Instant Close faucet known as an "auto tap" that is commonly used in schools and other public facilities to help conserve water. These types of faucets are typically designed with a spring-loaded mechanism that allows the faucet to automatically close as soon as pressure on the button is released.

Auto taps are often equipped with aerators that help to reduce the flow of water while still maintaining a steady stream, which can help to conserve water and reduce the overall usage of the faucet. They may also be designed with an unrestricted flow option for situations where a higher flow rate is needed or if water has too much salt and cannot bear the sensitivity of an aerator.


Elbow action taps from ARK are designed with a longer lever that enables them to be operated by the arm or elbow, making them an ideal choice for environments where hand hygiene is of utmost importance, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and laboratories.

Using an elbow action tap can help to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria that can be present on the hands, particularly in healthcare settings where patients may be more susceptible to infections. By allowing users to operate the tap without touching it directly with their hands, elbow action taps can help to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and help to maintain a clean and hygienic environment.

In addition to their hygienic benefits, elbow action taps can also be more convenient to use than traditional taps, particularly in situations where the user's hands may be occupied or soiled. ARK has Elbow action models are available in Pillar Taps, Bib Taps & Table Mounted Mixers.


ARK manufactures laboratory taps that are designed with three outlets. These types of taps are commonly used in laboratory settings where multiple water sources are needed for experiments, testing, and other scientific applications.

The three outlets on these types of laboratory taps are typically color-coded to indicate the type of water that is being dispensed, such as hot water, cold water, or distilled water. This helps to prevent confusion and ensure that the correct water source is being used for a particular application.

ARK's laboratory taps are designed with high-quality materials and are built to withstand the demands of laboratory environments, including exposure to chemicals and other harsh substances. They are also designed with precision control valves that allow for accurate regulation of the water flow, which is essential in many laboratory applications.


PA001 is our Basic Classic Aerator having low noise level & Anti clog Dome screen to filter water. It delivers 10 LPM water at 1 bar water Pressure. It saves 50% water.


Premium Aerators have mesh shapes Honeycomb & Cascade. These structures are damage proof having superior lime protection and low noise levels. These too save 50% water.


PCA’s that is Pressure Compensating aerators maintain a constant flow rate due to an integrated intelligent rubber ring which expands or contracts as per water pressure. Orange PCA gives 5LPM, Black 6LPM, Green 7LPM & white 8LPM. Honeycomb Structure of Aeration is made of high quality material providing extended life & Low noise level.


These include RAIN , LATTICE , ATOMIZER giving 4LPM, 1 LPM & 0.4 LPM of water at 1 Bar Pressure of water. Water saving goes from 60% to 95%.


These include auto clean, smart lime models which can be cleaned without removal of aerator from the faucet.


Dual Core gives good flow at low pressures & Tilt can change water throw angle.


These aerators do not require brass housing; can be directly tightened to the faucet threads. These come in aerated and laminar models and M18 & M24 sizes.


Washers prevent joint leak at union of aerator & its casing.


These brass casings keep the aerator safe. Even if aerator needs a change the same casing can be used.


We make universal & custom keys to open all models of aerators & their casings.


These can be installed on ½ inch connection, an inexpensive way to save water & energy in any connection. Water should flow towards the O ring. Ideal for sensitive water implements like health faucets.


Made for taps, showers & come in various models as per LPM requirement. Ideal for Green Buildings.


These pipes are ideal for connecting water source to Basin Fittings. Can sustain Hot water & High Pressures.